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Work from Home Tips during Coronavirus

Work from home tips is becoming popular, especially when we are fighting with the Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19). This virus first attacked China in November 2019. This virus successfully made the Chinese economy slump. From different sources, the tourism sector in China lost up to 128 billion USD. In China, Corona attacks approximately 114,285 people. A total of 62,481 people recovered and recorded 4,009 people died from this virus.

Several countries were later affected by the Coronavirus. Some countries such as the UK, the United States, and Indonesia have implemented work from home for some workers in companies. The purpose of implementing work from home is as a social distancing step to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Maybe some companies in different countries impose different policies, in order to ward off the danger of this virus.

For some people, working at home might be a challenge. Because we are accustomed to working together with coworkers in the same room, but now we have to work from home. Then what things can we do to work from home that has an impact on both us and our clients or the company? Let’s go with my work from home tips. I already did it for 8 years to handle multiple clients and projects.

Set Your Working Hours even In Your Home

The first work from home tips is set your working hours. The Office hours range is between 8-9 hours per day. Do we need to apply it when we work at home? I answer personally, we need to arrange work time with our coworkers so that the work we do can be completed according to the agreed deadline.

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If we are forced or in an urgent situation, we need to make permission to our supervisor about the obstacles we find. Personally, communication is the most important key when we work remotely or work from home.

Determine the Main Channels of Communication

As mentioned above, communication is key to working from home. We and coworkers need to set the primary communication channels. Which channels will use for receiving requests, feedback, or to send the files. Tips: try to use only 2-3 channels. So you can handle the channels easier. Personally, using a lot of communication channels will make us frustrated to communicate. This work from home tips usually usually forgotten by some people and thought that more and more communication media would speed up coordination

I usually use different programs to handle our clients from other countries. We use some different channels to make our works done on time and perfectly.

This program is very effective for video calls or meetings. You can also try to use Zoom or Google Hangout. We also can share the screen to show the progress with our clients or coworkers.

I use Slack to send the text and sending files to our team. With Slack, we can use different rooms to arrange the projects. You can also try to use Trello or Asana to make us remember the deadline for every single project which we handle.

To store files in large numbers, we need to prepare cloud storage, such as DropBox or Google Drive.

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Make Sure that The Internet Connection is fast and stable

A stable and fast internet becomes a primary need for a remote worker. Likewise for those of us who are working from home now. During work from home, it might require a lot of internet data. Choose the right internet provider from the best companies in your city that have good customer service when you have a connection problem.

Contact by Telephone if There is No Answer

Working remotely or working from home sometimes creates some problems. If that happens, of course, it will hamper the process of our work with our team. If we get a job that needs to be done immediately and it turns out our team is not responsive within a certain time period (specify a maximum response time for an example 15 minutes). Feel free to call them. Check this article for what our team do.

Let Your Team or Supervisor Know if You Suddenly have a Problem that You didn’t Predict Before

A blackout, broken’s laptop or our internet connection becomes slowest will be a big problem if we are working from our home. If all that happens, please contact your team or supervisor immediately. We can tell them about our promise for returning to work immediately after getting electricity or our devices are running normally.

Tell Your Family, We are Working from Home

Hey Rhadit, is your office off? So, I usually answered, “Yes, I am working at home now”. Sometimes your family members will ask you to help them to cook or singing together at the home. So, you can tell the truth about your daily activities to your family members that you should standby for working from 9 AM – 5 PM.

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Stay Update with The News

Coronavirus effects are very bad for economic, social, to political sectors. When we are at home, we need to open as much information about this Coronavirus issue. Does it mean we work from home but missed some important news about Coronavirus, right? Maybe this virus problem is declining or has ended

Some tips from me will certainly be different from all of you, right? If you feel that your experience can make working from home better, please share your experience and tips in the comments below.

Stay safe and pray for the best!

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