Website Design Services and Development for a Restaurant App

Website design services and development for a restaurant app, Electric Waiter. This website allows user to order food from text and reduce the cost of using app. We created a website interface with simple animation to improve the understanding of user/ audience how to use this features and advantages if they use this app. As branding, we chose orange, blue and white to make higher impression and details on the product. Finally, this website design services project and development be replaced with different brand name, Zest Mama.

Zest Mama is the new options for ordering food besides using an app in your smartphone. The user needs to send a text with different format to the restaurant, so through this channel, website, as the main media besides brochure and other marketing kit, we deliver the content to the specific audience. To make this website easy to understand by the user, we made a simple interaction in the How It Works section. To see each of steps, the user needs to touch each of icons and the description will automatically appear. Because, we believe to improve user experience, we should improve the interaction between media (website) and audience.

This website design services also wants to make the the audience, the restaurant’s customer and owner know the benefit if they use this platform to order food. We use simple interactive design to describe each benefits of Zest Mama in Why Zest Mama section. So the potential customers will easy to check the facts and benefits of this new ordering food platform. Again, as website design agency we want to increase the experience between media and the user through Zest Mama website design services.

To launch their product, we use single page website design to make audience easy to read each of important things on the website from the top to the bottom. Finally, the goal is allowing user to request a demo through website. Our website design services suggested for creating one page design format because we don’t want to make the new audience confused with many pages on the website and complicated features and buttons. In fact, as medium to communicate, website also has some distortion/ noise such as colours, buttons, or text. So to make this website more efficiently, we try to remove other things which will make the website looks complicated.


May 10, 2019
website design, landing page design, web designer
Electric Waiter