Rebrand Design Process for Indomedia

Rebrand design process for Indomedia includes making new logos, marketing materials, and corporate identities. Rebranding is a marketing strategy to develop a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers and maybe competitors. This rebrand design process, Indomedia is a community of Indonesian people living in Australia which has a variety of activities, ages, occupations, and ethnic groups in Indonesia. They use this media, Indomedia to update information relating to the two countries, Indonesia and Australia. In this rebranding, we have the task to make the logo look more modern and without removing the old logo style. So we came up with the lettermark concept by using the letter O as a branding power. The letter O itself is a bridge between the words Indo and Media itself. In this rebrand design process, it is similar to Indomedia’s vision and mission, which is as a liaison between Indonesian people living in Australia to always update news developments about their country, Indonesia. We also create a visual strategy by developing the new logo when used in various media while maintaining the consistency of the new branding and logo.


Identify Client’s Problem

As one of the large and long-standing communities, Indomedia wants a change in their branding system. After I discussed with their corporate marketing, we have a number of things that can be improved from Indomedia’s latest branding, namely, the use of colors and symbols that are appropriate when used on different media.

As a creative branding agency, we strive to display new logos and branding that do not make their audiences and stakeholders work hard to identify the new logo as Indomedia branding. So Indomedia and Ayobranding internal parties decided to use wordmark as part of this new Australia-Indonesia community branding.


Rebrand Design Process of the Beginning

After we discussed and explored insights, we tried to make some notes to improve the branding performance of Indomedia. Some of these notes are:

  • The use of uniform and consistent colors for branding
  • The need to package every marketing medium that is used with a consistent branding strategy
  • Use wordmark as a new identity and logo
  • Strive for selected media so that it can be used in the future


Rebrand Design Process Results

To represent a community, we make a personification with “bridges” or “links”. Indomedia itself is a liaison for Indonesian people residing in Australia. So Ayobranding makes a logo with a circle that looks like a glue between the words Indo and Media.

Media that can be used as branding strategies include ID cards, websites, outdoor media, and stationery kits. We design it in such a way that the latest branding colors make integrated media look better and more powerful as a media branding company of Indomedia




October 14, 2018
Rebranding, logo design, visual identity