Photography Logo Design for Franklin Marian

It is a project for a wedding photographer from Australia, Franklin Marian. He captures the wedding, couple, and pre-wedding photoshoot. We can see his portfolio on his website here. In this logo design process case study, we try to show how this logo created from a creative concept.


Identify Client’s Problem

As a branding agency, we are trying to find out what are the main problems of this photography business. So what are the characteristics of this photographer compared to similar photographers in Australia (Unique Selling Point).

Even though at that time, Franklin Marian, an Indian, had just started his business in wedding photography, prewedding, and couple. He has had many awards from several world photography contests or institutions. This has become one of the tools to make Franklin Marian as an accomplished photographer.


The Process of Making a Photography Logo Design

As a wedding photographer in Australia, Franklin Marian wants to show her logo and branding to make it easier to remember and reflect on the wedding photography business. So, we made one of several concepts approved by him, namely by using the concept of a diamond.

Diamond is usually used as a symbol of marriage and engagement. On the other hand, diamonds are a symbol of luxury and purity of love. So Ayobranding uses the concept of the diamond as one of the ideas to make a logo as used in presentations today.



This logo creation through several stages of revisions and improvements. The improvement includes color selection, typography, to what if the logo is placed on different media. Now, this logo uses gold compared to before, which uses red and black. Photographic logos that generally use cameras or signatures do not apply to this logo. This is done as a Unique Selling Point (USP) besides this photographer, Franklin Marian who has a variety of awards from several parties. It is hoped that the icon and branding of this process will be able to bring Franklin Marian to be more easily recognized by his trademarks apart from his photo works, namely through the photography logo design that we have created.


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May 6, 2020
branding, logo design, photography logo design
Franklin Marian