Chocolate Packaging Design for Bochoco

Chocolate packaging design for Bochoco, it was our project in 2017. Client wanted to rebranding their chocolate business into new brand name and actually new branding design. In first phase, we create a mark for Bochoco and our team with client agreed to use darker colours such as brown to make the brand close with chocolate colours. On the other hand, the chocolate packaging design should be in brighter colours since the primary target audience is between 20-35 years old. In this chocolate packaging design, we needed 1-2 months to finish from sketching the illustrations on the papers and delivered to high resolution for printing files. Bochoco is not only sell the chocolate bar, but also for drinking. So our team created two versions of packaging design for chocolate bar and on the glass.



May 4, 2017
Packaging Design
Bochoco Chocolate