Brand Development Strategies for Venture Capital Company

Brand development strategies are a way to make your brand looks consistent although on different channels. It includes research, sketching, colour selection, font consistency, and how to put this logo on different media. In this logo design process case study, we try to show how this logo borns from a concept to its implementation. This client, BEAM is a company engaged in the field of funding for the building, environment, automation, and mobility. So it can be abbreviated to BEAM.


Identify Client’s Problem

As a creative branding agency, we must begin to dig up all the information needed to create a logo. We also need to know what needs and expectations are obtained when this logo is complete. In other words, Ayobranding must know the problem that the client is facing. Finally, we should know how the problem is solved by making a good branding strategy.

BEAM requires a logo as an identity because previously this company did not have a logo as a corporate identity yet. They hope this new logo will increase the awareness of the existence of the company. The vision of this company is making grow the business with strong fundamentals and strategy.


Process of the Beginning

Previously, as we mentioned before. This company still did not have a logo their identity. So we went to go the extra mile for working in this project. In this stage, research becomes very crucial. Because to consider other things that the client needs to be considered when making a symbol. Is this symbol has existed before? Also, can the symbol become the company’s brand ambassador? So that the overall steps must be considered in detail such as the selection of forms, logo format, and colouring until the implementation as a branding strategy is always raised at the beginning of the logo. These tasks are a process to increase branding development for a brand. To understand more this phase, you can check this in our article.


Brand Development Strategies Results

After offering a few concepts and improvements. We finally agreed to use the concept of charts and buildings as the idea of BEAM logo. The symbol is considered capable of representing the entire business process of BEAM itself. We package this logo with colour treatments that give the impression of trustworthiness and corporate looks. So, Ayobranding decided to use three colours as primary. They are navy, blue, and gray. Then we made several media that could be used as marketing tools and branding strategies for BEAM. Ayobranding makes business cards, websites, roll banners and lanyards to increase brand power as well as a means for marketing.


March 1, 2020
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