Beginner Guide for Brand Strategy and Positioning

brand strategy and positioning

Brand strategy and positioning is the core of the business. You can say that product quality, customer service or other elements are important. In reality, how people see your business and how you implant the right image in their mind is all matter. Without it, there won’t be any customer that get interested in your product, even though you make the best quality product and offers the most satisfying customer service.

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one of the best books for understanding marketing by Seth

The Marketing Strategy

“If you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind, status, or one of the other most desired emotions, you’ve done something worthwhile. The thing you sell is simply a road to achieve those emotions, and we let everyone down when we focus on the tactics, not the outcomes. Who’s it for and what’s it for are the two questions that guide all of our decisions.” – Seth Godin

What about marketing strategy? Is it also an important element in business? Yes, but branding and marketing have two different positions. If we make a comparison, such as brand strategy vs marketing strategy, we can easily say that branding is the winner. Branding is the more important thing and the core of your business. So, the strategy for your brand always comes first before you make the strategy for your marketing. To understand this matter, let’s see what branding and marketing is.

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branding vs marketing

What are Branding and Marketing?

Brand, in simplest words, is your business identity. The branding is the way how to create that identity, so the market can easily remember and understand it. Meanwhile, marketing is the tool or method you use to deliver the message (your business brand) to the customer or public, so your brand will be known and stuck on your target market. Both of them are important, but without branding, you can’t do the marketing. Therefore, it needs a good strategy. Good branding strategy building strong brands.

Even though we say that branding and marketing are two different things, there is one part that makes it merge into one. In this part, you will be able to implement the concept of branding in marketing, so both of them can go along and produce a good result. This part is when you try to choose the image you are going to use for your brand. When you choose the color, logo, art, and other elements to form a shape that can represent your brand, you also need to consider the marketing part. Why? It is because your marketing strategy will use these elements to send the message to the customer. 

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colours consistency is the key of branding

The Brand and Positioning Strategies

You can use different types of branding strategies. There are many of them. However, if we have to categorize the common branding strategies you can use, we can find four types of strategy. Here they are.

  • Face to Face
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This aspect of brand strategy and positioning will put your brand on the same ring with your competitor. You face them head-on. This is a perfect strategy if your business doesn’t have a clear leader or strongest player. This strategy allows your customer to easily understand the message you want to deliver to them. But, you will need a lot of money to survive with this strategy. You can see this type of brand marketing plan example in the competition between Pepsi and Coca Cola.

  • The Specialist

With this brand strategy and positioning, you try to position your brand in the specific submarket in the industry. This strategy is perfect for you who run a business in an industry that has already a leader. Find the submarket that doesn’t get their demands from the leader. You can be a leader for that special market. However, there is a risk that the leader will also take that submarket. So, proper planning and how to start a branding business plan is important.

  • Reshaping

The reshaping brand strategy and positioning needs innovation or more accurately, a solution. When the leader of the industry can’t provide the new demand from the market or there is a new trend that the leader can’t fulfill, you enter and provide the solution. You position your brand to be the solution provider for that demand.

For example, you can see how Apple did its business. Before them, the computer is always specification. But, Apple knows that modern people also need something more. So, they brought style in the industry. And, they succeed with that strategy.

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This brand strategy and positioing may be difficult if you do it alone. So, you may need help from brand strategy consulting firms. They help you to see what kind of elements you can use in your industry. Then, optimizing that element to get the best result like what Apple did.

  • The Pioneer

If you offer the first specific service that no one ever offered, you can use this strategy. However, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically become the leader in that industry. There is always the next person that follows your way and maybe makes better things than yours. So, when you do it for the first time, make sure you make a strong impression. You need an image that sticks strongly in people minds and lasts longer.

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visual branding strategy for digital agency

Create the Strategy

Now, after you know the type of brand strategy and positioning you can use, next is planning it out. And, we come to the question, how to write a brand strategy. There are five steps you can follow.

  • Analyze your situation, find out more about the market and industry,
  • Find the right elements and area you aim,
  • Describe your vision, mission, and your goal,
  • Based on three elements above, choose the strategy and decide how you implement it.
  • Once you plan all of those steps, you can start to execute the strategy, plus measure and evaluate the early feedback for perfecting your strategy.
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Branding Company

Creating all those plans can be difficult for the first-timer. Therefore, using branding company business plan can solve the problem and save your time. The truth is many companies use the help from branding company, so they can focus to run their business. For branding, they give it to the branding company.

What does a branding company do that make them become one of the best help you can use? A branding company has a team of professionals who are experienced and skillful in creating a strategy for a company. They also have a wide network that can help your marketing as well. Therefore, a branding company, like that can help you with branding strategy, plus content marketing and other elements for your branding can be your best partner to reach your brand strategy and positioning goal. 

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