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Brand Logo Design for Indomedia

When we are creating a brand, it starts from logo design. Logo design becomes a tool to represent our business and brand to customers. So that customers will know, aware, and loyal to our brand through logo design. To achieve these goals, a logo made through several fairly long stages to get a brand insight or to brand the essence of a brand. This requires continuous research and development. We will see how a logo and branding are interrelated in this study case. This case study was taken from our client, Indomedia, to develop their branding to be more modern and up to date.

The logo design output

The Client’s Goals

The logo branding design process of Indomedia started from an email from their Senior Marketing Communications, Indomedia, who contacted us. They said their logo needs to be improvised because sometimes it is ineffective when using it in several promotional media. They want enhance the company’s image that looks dynamic, modern (not conservative), and innovative when this logo is completed.

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The new logo when uses on their website

Brand Logo Design Came from Research and Strategy

Branding research becomes very important before we begin the process of making a logo and branding designs. We need to dig very deep to get useful information to start working on a logo or branding development. In this stage, our team usually conducts in-depth interviews through interviews to identify brand problems, brand positioning, target audience, and visual research so that it is not the same as the existing logo. So, this phase for creating logo design and branding for increasing marketing or sales.

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Indomedia borns to keep the solidarity of Indonesian in Australia

About the Client

Indomedia is a journalistic media that strengthens the brotherhood of Indonesian people residing in Australia. Most of them, the Indonesians are business people, workers, and students who are studying in the kangaroo country. So that this media is expected to become a forum to strengthen communication between communities in Australia to always remember for Indonesia

The Execution of Branding and Logo Design

The next execution for getting logo design ideas and branding is that we create a visual research database about some visuals that can be elements or other things that need to be avoided when creating a logo. The Ayobranding team usually combines creative ideas and transforms them through a symbolic form. Another thing is how the form of typography and color that fits the company’s vision and mission. The colour psychology in logo design & branding explained color psychology in logo design & branding explains perceptions and transforms the company’s vision and mission. For this reason, we chose orange and blue as the main colors of this Indomedia brand. The blue represents trustworthy and orange shows creativity and energy. Because Indomedia is one of the trustworthy media in Australia (especially for property business). Energy is a key to keep the solidarity of the members of this community. So we can transform credibility based logo design and branding. Learn more about our 6 tips to create a branding on our article.

Typography Logo Design of Indomedia

Previously, Indomedia used serif typeface that looked formal and stiff. This logo has been used by Indomedia since the Australian property media company was established. So, our team needs to adjust to the company’s vision and mission that we get from the company’s Marketing Communication. So we decided to choose the font type sans serif for the new Indomedia logo.

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brand logo design
Visual branding strategy when using a poster

Concept of New The New Logo

Indomedia’s new logo uses typography as identity. Ayobranding makes the letter O look stronger here because of the different colors and the letter O combines two words, Indo and Media. This is like the company’s vision as a unifying media of the Indonesian community in Australia.

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Id card design for corporate identity

The Results

The Indomedia branding and logo design packages consist of ID card, poster, stationery, and branding guidelines. We think these media is important to use for implementing this new brand looks. The branding process involving votes from Indomedia employees and management. Through its marketing communications, we embody a variety of inputs and ideas for our immediate development.

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