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Getting to Know About Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy

Brand strategy vs marketing strategy, which one should I put first? Well, how to do good and effective branding and marketing? What needs to be done to increase the brand and marketing strength of a product or company? So, see the explanations below!

Branding vs marketing

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Branding needs consistent in every media

Simply put, branding is the ‘name’ of your business, while marketing is how you build that name. By its nature, branding is very strategic, whereas marketing is tactical.

Branding comes from the word brand or brand. When we hear a brand or brand, then our attention will be focused on a logo, name, or icon of a company that has been attached to the human mind and is no stranger.

Marketing is a process used to build relationships between companies and customers. There are many ways to create this relationship, through advertising, selling, conducting polls/surveys, creating products based on market demand, etc. Those are what you need to know before knowing brand strategy vs marketing strategy.

The brand strategy

Always innovative in offering something new

For example, if you are a culinary businessman, and usually you and your team always cook some regular menus every day. Once a week introduce one or two new menus so that your customers are not bored with what is, even will always be eager to keep coming to your place. With innovative strategies, your loyal customers will not feel bored.

Focus on quality assurance of your product or service carefully

Before a promotion is conducted, you must focus on quality assurance on all products sold. Make sure everything is at a very satisfactory level.

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Share positive feedback from customers

Don’t forget to share all the responses given by customers on all your media channels. This is to inform those who have not yet come to try your product or service, and immediately make an order or come. It is important brand strategy and positioning.

The Most Appropriate Marketing Strategy for Business Promotion

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Media as branding strategy channels

Focus on solutions

This is what customers are really looking for. If your product is proven to be the solution to a big problem, half of your marketing work has been successful. Products and services that have high demand will get first and more frequent attention.

Aim at the target market

Marketing activities that reach their target markets are attractive, effective and very efficient. The key is to give your target market something of interest to them.

Try marketing strategies through extreme messages

The reality is, extreme marketing works. Negative things and mistakes actually get more attention from the community. The following are examples of titles or messages that get attention because of their extreme nature:

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How to Make 10% Sales Force More Efficient
How to Grow 500% Profit

Samples of Powerful Headings for Sales Copy

All of these titles might attract attention and make you want to read because of their extreme nature. Also, don’t forget to see more about branding and marketing on podcasts from Chris Do below! He interviewed experts who answered completely and clearly.

Marketing vs Branding, Which First?

Hopefully, the brand strategy vs marketing strategy above is useful and can help you win the competition!

After read and listened the podcast. Do you have any opinions? Please do not hesitate to share with us in the comments section below!

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